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Plans for 32nd Anniversary of Independence revealed

The celebration of our 32nd Anniversary of Independence, but our 10th year of the rebranded, “National Independence Homecoming Celebrations”, is here again.

This was the vision of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Winston Baldwin Spencer, in 2004, to successfully develop another national festival, other than Carnival, that affords nationals within the Diaspora to return home, to make links and to reconnect with their roots, while celebrating our National Independence.

This saw an increase of events, other than the Ceremonial Parade, and which lasts for about 14 days, building up towards the 1st of November: Independence Day.

This also saw the development of the official Independence tagline, “Antigua & Barbuda: One Family” and the addition to it, to form “The Theme”.

Under the leadership of the Hon. Eleston Namba Adams, minister with responsibility for Culture, Carnival, Independence, National Festivals, Festivals Office, National Parks and Heritage Sites, and Member of Parliament for St. Paul, the hardworking and dedicated National Independence Committee unveils the official theme for our 32nd Anniversary of our National Independence Homecoming Celebrations, which is; “Antigua & Barbuda: One Family; Celebrating with Pride, Vision and Integrity.”

This year, we will also see four (4) new initiatives being introduced.

1) The rebranding of the “Senior Citizens Programme” to the “Golden Memories Programme”. It was viewed that the term senior citizen had a negative connotation to it.

2) The “Buy Local” National Market Day, to be held at the Public Market, and

3) The Independence Fete, which will follow the mould of the successfully staged pre-carnival fetes, but with a nationalistic flare, which will be seen in the ambiance of the venue, (which is to be announce later), the choice of music played by the Djs, and the local artistes. There will allow be an award winner international artist that is billed for this fete.

4) And finally, on National Dress Day, there will be “A Parade of Our National Flag”, on the streets of St. John’s, as we endeavour to “Raise the Standard, and Raise It Boldly”.

The official launch of the Antigua & Barbuda National Independence Homecoming Celebrations, will be on Thursday 19th September 2013 at The House Of Culture on Parliament Drive at 7:00 pm.

All are welcomed to attend. The Hon. Eleston Adams has committed himself and the National Independence Committee to ensure that the staging of the 32nd Anniversary of our Independence, and the 10th year of our Homecoming Celebrations, will be the best ever, even surpassing the levels of the just concluded and successfully staged Antigua Carnival 2013.